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for Groups of 5 or More People!

We are a live scan fingerprinting service provider, certified by the California Department of Justice. We use the latest live scan technology to electronically capture fingerprints and immediately transmit them to the Department of Justice and the FBI. Since fingerprinting is inkless, there is no mess and it is quick and convenient. ​​​​


Live scan technology is the latest technological advancement in the field of identification and has been adopted by most law enforcement agencies in the country.  By capturing more accurate fingerprint images that can be electronically transmitted, it speeds applicant processing times by several days or even weeks.​​ When using live scan fingerprinting, most background checks are completed by the DOJ within 3 business days.​​


Live scan fingerprinting is required for applicants for many types of jobs, especially jobs that involve contact positions of public trust and contact with vulnerable members of our society. A number of professional licenses and certifications also require live scan fingerprinting.


Sorry, we are temporary closed until further notice. We encourage you to find other local providers who are open by clicking the Department of Justice (DOJ) website

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